Internship Business Administration

Sophie, Joep, Iza and Maerle are students at the Avans Hogeschool in Breda, The Netherlands. In the second year of their Business Administration study, they were assigned to carry out a group project at a company. They eventually came into contact with Farm Trans and started setting up an improvement process within Farm Trans's temperature controlled transport division.

In addition to gaining experience within a business environment, the aim of the internship assignment was to provide well-founded advice to shorten the lead time of part of the order-to-cash process. The order-to-cash process covers the entire process from placing an order by a customer to the payment of the invoice by this customer.

Read the experiences of these students during their internship at Farm Trans below.

Why did you choose to do an internship at Farm Trans?

During the search for an internship company, we first looked within our own network and put all options on the table. We came into contact with this organization through a family member and we soon came to the conclusion that Farm Trans could be a suitable company for our project.

During the introductory meeting to which we were invited, we came to various topics for which we could possibly start an improvement project. These topics appealed to us, so we planned a follow-up meeting and started the project at Farm Trans.

What did you positively notice during your internship with regard to the company and the implementation of your internship?

The first very positive point that we would like to mention is the warm welcome and the good atmosphere within the organization. This made us feel at ease and it was no problem to ask questions to employees. We noticed that all employees were open to helping us. In addition, it was also very nice that a workplace was made available to us. We could go here every week and we could use the facilities, although it was not a requirement from school.

Are there things that could be improved to better facilitate future internships at Farm Trans?

We were very happy with the support we received from employees and our project supervisor. We are aware that we were very lucky with this and that this will not be the case for all organizations. We therefore do not think that it should be any different for a subsequent internship.

Did you achieve the goal of your internship assignment?

The aim of the internship assignment was to provide well-founded advice. In our opinion, we have accomplished this. After the final presentation, we heard from the feedback that the advice has led to new insights within Farm Trans.

Our objective that we set during the project has also been achieved. The additional result we have achieved is that we now know how such a project works, so that we are more secure for our future internship that we will have to carry out individually in the third year.

Would you like to work at Farm Trans in the future? And in what position?

Sophie: “In my opinion, Farm Trans is a good organization for its employees, which makes it appealing to me to work at Farm Trans in the future. The working environment with regard to the layout of the building and 1 large central canteen that is missing, appeals less to me. In addition to the position of business administration, this internship also made me realize that Human Resource is an interesting field.”

Maerle: “I also think Farm Trans is a very nice organization to work for. The nice employees and the pleasant, informal atmosphere appeal to me to actually come and work there. After my study I could perhaps contribute here as a professional, and I also find the role of the QESH (Quality, Environment, Safety, Health) manager very interesting.”

Joep: “I think Farm Trans has a very nice working environment, which means that the company appeals to me to be able to work there in the future. However, I don't know what kind of position I would like to work in later, so I can't say anything about that. I can agree with Sophie that I think a large central joint canteen is missing. As a result, you don't get to know all people in the organization.”

Iza: “At Farm Trans I received a very friendly and warm welcome, there is a good corporate culture. If I start looking for a job in the future, this pleasant working climate could be an extra consideration for applying at Farm Trans. During my study I am currently still looking for which direction I want to go in business. As a result, I find it difficult to indicate which position suits me.”

Do you have any final tips or feedback for us?

We want to thank Farm Trans for this opportunity and all the good help. We hope to have helped you with our advice and brought you new insights.

Study: HBO Business Administration 2nd year, Avans Hogeschool Breda

There was an immediate click

Sanne (25) was invited for an interview by HR and quickly became confident that this internship would be quite interesting. There was an immediate click and she felt welcome in the Farm Trans family.
“I had several internships to choose from. I found Farm Trans on LinkedIn. I was not familiar with transport but wanted to do something with sustainability. Jean explained what Farm Trans does and I immediately saw the potential.”
Sanne is working on a project for drivers who work with walking floor trailers. “The quality and service of new drivers should be the same as that of the drivers who have been with Farm Trans longer. New drivers are given access to e-learning after obtaining Code 95. I work on this four days a week, in addition to the sustainability track.”
Sanne finds it striking that much attention is paid to making it as pleasant as possible for all Farm Trans employees. “Currently, everyone wants to work from home, but also at the office. Much effort is being made to make this possible. The lines of communication are short and the measures are taken into account. There is no fear and we are making the best of it.”
Her internship ends in June but Sanne hopes to stay in touch with Farm Trans. “I would like to stay involved because I think it’s a really great organisation. I really enjoy it here, the atmosphere is informal and I feel free to knock on doors for information or a casual chat. This open and positive working atmosphere really lines up with how I am as a person.”
Sanne sees herself setting up projects in South Africa or another place in the world in a national nature park one day. That is something totally different...
Education: Two-year Associate Degree programme, full HBO-5 level (project) management.

All roads filled with orange vehicles, how cool would that be?

Eva (20) has been doing an internship for 16 weeks and is researching how the marketing and sales strategy can be improved and how departments can better collaborate in order to attract more customers through the online and offline channels.
“I think it’s a challenging branch to do research in because it’s so specific. I also wanted to get to know the company from the inside. I had heard so many Farm Trans stories while growing up that I wanted to experience it for myself.”
Because Eva’s internship was during the coronavirus period, she only worked from home. “I divide my time between doing research, my studies and collaborating on projects, including the employee packages. Even though I work from home, I am well supervised by my mentor and I feel connected to the other colleagues.”
“What I enjoy is that it is a friendly company and everyone is ready to help when you have questions. Farm Trans is really focused on the future and the organisation is quickly advancing. I really like the fact that I was included in everything. I even went along for a ride in a truck for a day. The openness and pride that you see here, that’s what I like.”
According to Eva, interns are truly appreciated at Farm Trans and considered as equals. “In the future, I hope take Farm Trans and Farm Frites to the next level together with by brothers and sister. All roads filled with orange vehicles, how cool would that be?
Education: E-commerce, Marketing, Sales, TIO Rotterdam. I’m in my second year.

Transport is a traditional industry

When Rosaline (20) started looking for an internship she knew she wanted something in the transport world. “My job interview was very open. The company objective of Farm Trans in the area of growth and innovation really appealed to me.”
With her research, Rosaline will examine how Farm Trans can enhance its name recognition in the area of temperature controlled transport. She has to talk to many people at the company for this and everyone is enthusiastic to help, she says. She is busy with many different things and on Mondays she always makes a rough weekly schedule. In addition to her research, she is also involved in various projects.
Transport is a traditional industry, which means you sometimes have to take a big step when it comes to online marketing. At the same time, that’s what makes it such great challenge.”
Rosaline feels greatly appreciated as an intern. “Everyone is open and willing to talk and help out with the research. Even though I work from home often, I am kept really well informed on all current matters. We keep everything going, and the meetings are still held as always.”
She would like to see Farm Trans continue to grow and calmer times for the departments when the hectic coronavirus period has passed so that they can focus on large projects. “But first, I’m going to get my degree and build up more work experience. Who knows what the future will bring?”
Education: HBO in Communication and Organisation, specialising in Marketing Communication Management and 4th year at Schoevers.

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