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Farm Trans Academy

At Farm Trans, we are always on the move. Literally and figuratively. We are constantly developing and growing as a company. Our employees are invaluable in this regard. That is why we give them the opportunity to get the most out of themselves.

Investing in our people

With the Farm Trans Academy, we invest in both current and future employees, like you, for example. With our internal training programmes, we are able to help you achieve your ambitions.

Personal motivation

By stimulating your personal motivation and own initiative, we are building a professional team that is driven and dedicated!

Best driver

Would you like to be a driver at Farm Trans? In addition to the regular programmes, our Academy also focuses on the daily guidance of our drivers, Because we strive to have the best driver for the right transport. We do this by providing annual practical training and online training sessions.

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Qualified people

We are confident that we have the most qualified people in our sector, both at the office and on the road. If you see yourself working at an ambitious organisation where you can get the most out of yourself, we look forward to receiving an app or e-mail from you!

Unsolicited application

Interested? Jean is happy to help!

If you have a question about a job opening or if you would like work at Farm Trans, I can help you with the next step!