Temperature-controlled transport

Specialising in bulk and temperature-controlled transport, our customers can count on reliable, expedient and flexible services. We deliver to virtually any European location through our Road and Shipping business units. Because we meet the highest food safety requirements and have the right expertise at our disposal, we are able to guarantee our customers the best conditions for bulk and temperature-controlled transport.

The right expertise and qualified people

We are transparent, driven and have the right expertise in the areas of Road and Shipping. We are confident that we have the most qualified people in our sector. Both at the office and on the road. Our services extend far beyond just going from A to B. It is an ongoing process. With the right attitude, the possibilities are limitless.

Our drive

Our drive is to improve our services and make them more sustainable. Whenever possible, we choose the most sustainable solution to use in our services and fleet. With a structured sustainability policy, we are taking concrete steps towards becoming a sustainable employer and partner. We encourage and guide all our employees to develop and get the best out of themselves by way of the Farm Trans Academy. Having a dedicated and inspired Farm Trans team is important to us because our people are the key to success.

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We aim for the best result via the best route!

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