Colleagues’ stories

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“Farm Trans has an incredibly nice team. I really felt at home and the work is enjoyable and varied.”

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“I do my work with great care and attention, which keeps me from being late and prevents other issues.”

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“Transporting food seemed interesting to me.”

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“I actually transport all kinds of smallholder farm products to and from the food processing industry. But also livestock feed, for example.”

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“No day is the same. When I work in emergency support service, for example, you never know what to expect, but I am entrusted with being able to resolve these kinds of tasks.”

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“Everything is well organised here. We are given the best tools and equipment to be able to do our work.”

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"Meeting new people, discovering new places and the beautiful scenery you drive through as a truck driver are examples of some of the best aspects of the job."

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"The work affords me much more freedom, and visiting those farmers is just fantastic. The farmers are happy when you come to collect their potatoes.”

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 dv 6385 min

“Stress-resistance, dealing well with ups and downs, and not having a 9-to-5 mentality. I believe you can really achieve something if you are creative.”

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