Just graduated in June 2023, Luc Testers (22) is now our Driver Academy Coordinator. Luc decided to take an internship at Farm Trans after completing his study in Logistics. Why? “Farm Trans is a well-known transport company at our house, and I wanted to do an internship at a transport company in the agrarian sector. I really do like this sector best.” A special learning period that resulted in a degree and a permanent position!

Like many study programmes, Luc completed his study with an internship and a final project. “During my internship, I worked on automating the own Transport Management System of Farm Trans. The focus was on automating the planning. For my final project, I compiled a planning schedule for trailers. The trailer overview at that time was not clear. This created problems in regard to the location and the status of the trailers; it was often unclear which trailer was located where.”

After a couple of months, the structure between two departments changed. There was an overlap in a number of work activities. For this reason, all of the roles and tasks were reassigned. Luc was offered a role at the Farm Trans Academy. System management, the coordination of driver training hours and supporting the driver trainer were his primary tasks. This is the same role that Luc now fulfils as Driver Academy Coordinator. “I enjoyed automating the planning, but system management and organising the training hours for existing and new drivers was what really appealed to me.”

Luc's position entails two aspects: administrative tasks such as driving tests and organising training hours and maintaining contact with the drivers during their training. The best part of Luc's current position? “The contact I have with all the drivers. When a driver comes in, I often already know who they are. In my work, I also see the progression drivers make. I see that a driver is earning better grades and driver performances after that person has completed a training, for example. I can see that my work is useful.”

In closing, Luc would like to pass on the following: “As a team, we strive to improve the quality and level of professionalism of the drivers for the organisation.  In doing so, we also support the drivers in safely carrying out their work.”

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