Sanne (25) was invited for an interview by HR and quickly became confident that this internship would be quite interesting. There was an immediate click and she felt welcome in the Farm Trans family.
“I had several internships to choose from. I found Farm Trans on LinkedIn. I was not familiar with transport but wanted to do something with sustainability. Jean explained what Farm Trans does and I immediately saw the potential.”
Sanne is working on a project for drivers who work with walking floor trailers. “The quality and service of new drivers should be the same as that of the drivers who have been with Farm Trans longer. New drivers are given access to e-learning after obtaining Code 95. I work on this four days a week, in addition to the sustainability track.”
Sanne finds it striking that much attention is paid to making it as pleasant as possible for all Farm Trans employees. “Currently, everyone wants to work from home, but also at the office. Much effort is being made to make this possible. The lines of communication are short and the measures are taken into account. There is no fear and we are making the best of it.”
Her internship ends in June but Sanne hopes to stay in touch with Farm Trans. “I would like to stay involved because I think it’s a really great organisation. I really enjoy it here, the atmosphere is informal and I feel free to knock on doors for information or a casual chat. This open and positive working atmosphere really lines up with how I am as a person.”
Sanne sees herself setting up projects in South Africa or another place in the world in a national nature park one day. That is something totally different...
Education: Two-year Associate Degree programme, full HBO-5 level (project) management.