Eva (20) has been doing an internship for 16 weeks and is researching how the marketing and sales strategy can be improved and how departments can better collaborate in order to attract more customers through the online and offline channels.
“I think it’s a challenging branch to do research in because it’s so specific. I also wanted to get to know the company from the inside. I had heard so many Farm Trans stories while growing up that I wanted to experience it for myself.”
Because Eva’s internship was during the coronavirus period, she only worked from home. “I divide my time between doing research, my studies and collaborating on projects, including the employee packages. Even though I work from home, I am well supervised by my mentor and I feel connected to the other colleagues.”
“What I enjoy is that it is a friendly company and everyone is ready to help when you have questions. Farm Trans is really focused on the future and the organisation is quickly advancing. I really like the fact that I was included in everything. I even went along for a ride in a truck for a day. The openness and pride that you see here, that’s what I like.”
According to Eva, interns are truly appreciated at Farm Trans and considered as equals. “In the future, I hope take Farm Trans and Farm Frites to the next level together with by brothers and sister. All roads filled with orange vehicles, how cool would that be?
Education: E-commerce, Marketing, Sales, TIO Rotterdam. I’m in my second year.